Parking Forum Questionnaires 2017

 Exhibition of Aspects of Alcester Neighbourhood Plan 

Church House 7th January 2017

This exhibition was put on by Alcester Civic Society, Chamber of Trade and Town Council to put forward ideas that could form part of the Alcester Neighbourhood plan which has to be completed by the end of 2017 and will influence the future development of our community for the next 30 years, covering all aspects affecting the well-being of Alcester people and the Local area.

The main subject of the Exhibition was Transport, parking safe routes to schools, traffic flow, out of town car parks and the preservation of our old buildings. Traffic and heavy vehicles are influencing our lives and contributing to the destruction of our old buildings and the viability of our ancient High Street and Town Centre

We know many people were unable to attend on the day but we need your input. If you would like to see some of the exhibition material, we can arrange a viewing, ( will soon be available online to view)

On the 5 links below are each of the the questionnaires. Please complete all that are relevant to yourself.

Once completed the Neighbourhood plan document has to be approved by the planning department at Stratford District Council and will the be used to influence developers and government.

Our Aim is to enhance our Town for Future generations