Charities Supported by Alcester Town Council

Alcester Town Councils endeavours to support the different Charities and organisations within the town. If you would like to be considered for support, please complete a Grant Application form and forward to the Clerk. Below are some of the Charities and organisations that have been supported by Alcester Town Council:

  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Alcester Male Voice Choir
  • Alcester in Bloom
  • Alcester Scout & Guides
  • Alcester Alziemers Cafe
  • Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal
  • Alcester Town Criers Competeion
  • Alcester Food Festival
  • Alcester Christmas Lights (ABLE)
  • Alcester Darby & Joan Club
  • Alcester Olympics Commitee
  • Depot Youth Club
  • Malt Mill Lane Gardening Club
  • Alcester Children’s Activities