6th August 2013

I am sure many of you have either been or are due to go on holiday. I do hope you have had or will have a wonderful time.

Those of you keeping an eye on the local newspapers will see that the Core Strategy has now been passed by Stratford District Council but has been a long time in coming. This of course causes us problems with speculative development being squeezed in under the radar. There is an interesting discussion going on about the ‘weight’ of the core strategy. Not how much it would hurt if dropped on ones toe; more the importance and bearing it has during its passage through to acceptance by the inspector. As it goes through the process it does not carry legal weight but officials will consider it and it is taken into account during hearings and appeals. The nearer to approval the ‘heavier’ it is. This may be of some benefit to us as Bloor Homes have taken the Allimore Lane (North) application to appeal. I understand that this is often an automatic action but let’s hope that they will all sit around a table and enter into negotiations that will benefit the town. All the points I raised at the application have been addressed by SDC in the core strategy. Let’s hope we can come to an amicable agreement. The next application is due to be heard on the 9th September at St Benedict’s.

We are also re-starting the neighbourhood plan now that the boundary changes are official. Councillor Clive Neil-Sturgess is taking this task on and pushing it through. At some point in the coming months we will be going to the public for approval of the plans so please keep looking at the press and council newsletters.

Summer is fast running out. Best make the most of it while we can.