10th September 2013

Last night Stratford-on-Avon West area Planning Committee voted to reject the planning application for the southern site of the land north of Allimore Lane, after consultation with their legal advisors they came up with four reasons for refusal: 1. that it was unsustainable, in particular reference to the lack of employment and economic benefits for the town. 2. That the density would be detrimental to the character of the town. 3. That the cumulative effect would prejudice the Core Strategy and be detrimental to its ability to deliver on other more sustainable sites. 4. That the lack of a bund to reduce noise and disturbance along the bypass would cause demonstrable harm to the future occupants. ATC hope to receive a response from the developers however they may take the same decision as they did with the northern site and take it straight to an inquiry with the planning inspector.