14th August 2013

I was very pleased to accept the co-option of Chris Brannigan to Alcester Town Council the other day. It is unfortunate when one of our councillors has to step down, but it does allow others to put their names forward to be co-opted to council for the remainder of the term. You could look on it as being like a ‘taster session’. The co-option process is initiated after a period of public consultation. If sufficient numbers of the electorate request it, then an election must be called. If not, as in this case, councillors are then able to nominate a candidate of their choice for co-option and, as long as the candidate is seconded, they can be put forward at the next appropriate Council meeting. In this case we were fortunate to have two strong candidates and it was a very close vote. We wish Chris well and are sure he will have a successful term.

I am sure that there are many ‘out there’ that do not know how ATC really operates. Apart from the normal administration tasks, we have a committee structure with three main committees, namely Recreation and Open Spaces, Community and Planning. This structure was set up some years ago to improve the efficiency of the council in light of the increasing workload. Each committee may have a sub-committee or ad-hoc group to take away a specific task and non-council members may be invited to join. This means that we can attract people with a particular expertise to help out on specific items. Committees generally only meet once a month apart from planning which is twice per month.

If this sounds something of interest to you or you have an area of expertise that may be relevant then please contact one of the councillors who will put your name forward.