17th December 2013

We must be approaching Christmas. More mince pies. No, honestly I like mince pies, but I have a big problem. I always compare them to my mothers which, ok I am biased, were perfect. Not that she makes many these days. Mom was 90 this week and looking pretty good on it as well. I am sure most of you know but Marion Cargill was the first Mayor (Mayoress) of Alcester in 1987, following the changes in local Government from Alcester Rural District Council to Stratford District Council. Interestingly the new boundary changes that are coming along soon creates a new area called, wait for it, Alcester Rural. The pendulum swings.

We were invited to Warwick University for their Christmas celebration. Warwick are a community University and involve the local and wider communities to be become more involved with them. A very interesting evening.

Tuesday was full council and I felt it was a very positive meeting and demonstrated the significant things that our council does for the community. I invite everyone to attend these meetings to understand just what happens and the hard work that is put in by everyone.

Wednesday we attended the Darby and Joan Christmas lunch which was great fun. There was entertainment in the form of ‘High Society’, who performed many of the classics from the 1930s to 1950s. And very good they were too. Well done to everyone.

Friday was the town council Christmas celebration. This is an opportunity to let everyone know what has been going on in the previous year and also to make some awards. We have had the Citizen of the Year award for some years now. This is given to someone who has put huge effort into something that benefits the community. This year I made the award to Carole Zambanini who runs the Alzheimer’s Cafe in the Jubilee Centre. This service gives sufferers a stimulating environment and relieves the carers for a short time. A tremendous effort. Well done.

My second award, started this year, was to a Community group. There are many community groups in Alcester and is one of  the things that defines Alcester. My choice went to a group that has brought a great amount of pleasure to many of us and has kept up to a hundred men off the streets. I refer to the Alcester Male Voice Choir. This choir is now in its 40th year and was started by Judith Land. Judith is a music professional and has given many many hours of her time to this group. Well done all.

There will not be a blog for a couple of weeks (did I hear a sigh of relief?) as the office at Globe House is closed . I therefore wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. ATC thanks you all for your support.