20 Aug 2013

This certainly is the quiet season. Well, certainly for some things anyway. The business of managing the town goes on but there are fewer civic events this month. Not surprising. However, this week we attended the Chairmans of Stratford District Councils charity event which promoted riding for the disabled. It was a well attended event. Lots of horse boxes, horses and many people taking part. It is charities like this that really do not always get the recognition they deserve as they can be considered asa niche, so well done.

You may be aware that Alcester is to host an Autumn food festival on October the 19th. This is an experimental addition to the Spring festival and really intended to get the Christmas season going. The shops are being requested to decorate their fronts in a Christmas theme. Alcester is being promoted as a festival town and these are the sort of things that will make that happen. However there is always another side to this and of course the high street has to be closed. Some traders are unhappy at this but the majority are in favour, even if they do not do so well on the day as these events do attract people back to the town later on. The event committee have thought things through very well and taken as many points of view as possible into account. I hope that this will be a successful event as it brings many more people to our town. One point of note. The Spring food festival is one of the top three in the country. Now that’s something to shout about!