20 March 2014

Mayors blog 34

The work has now started on the traffic calming measures for the High Street to Gunning’s Bridge. This is part of a program intended to restrict the high speeds seen in the area, especially along the High Street where there are shoppers. The speed humps have been installed and signage for the 20mph speed restriction will follow. I hope that this will make for a safe shopping environment for everyone.

Saturday saw the first Clubs and Societies Open Day event designed to introduce both newcomers and everyone else to the multitude of organisations and clubs we have in our town. This was organised by the High Bailiff and supported by Alcester Town Council. In the end there were 25 organisations in attendance and there was even overspill from the Town Hall into Church House. Considering it was the first time for this event I felt it went very well and I hope that this will be repeated in the future on a larger scale. Alcester has always been a welcoming town and this type of event demonstrates that very well.

Alcester has suffered a few problems with the utilities lately. First we had low water pressure in Rope Walk and School Road. This went on for 10 days which in this day and age is unacceptable. The work carried out by Severn Trent actually created more problems by causing burst water mains pipes elsewhere. This coupled with the burst sewage pipes leading from Fairwater Crescent to the pump station on the Stratford road indicates that some of the mains water and waste water systems are in need of an upgrade especially if we are to have more new developments. The other utilities problem was multiple power failures in town. This was not wide spread but did cause many problems for people. We have been assured that the errant substation has been taken out of commission for the time being whilst the faults are being investigated and presumably until it is repaired.

Have a very good week

Mark Cargill

Mayor of Alcester Town Council