25th June 2013

This is probably a fairly typical week in many respects – some council work and some civic duties. Council work focused mainly on longer term issues that directly affect us and the community, and is ongoing.

I say this frequently now, but I am amazed at the breadth of volunteering in our community and country. We were invited to the Girlguiding Warwickshire Annual Review at St. Benedict’s. I was stunned by the figures, 9000 girls of all ages with 450 units running them. There is a drive and enthusiasm there to behold. There were some long service awards made, one for 25, one for 30 and two for 50 years guiding. We were trying to tot up how many person years of service were in the hall that evening- staggering. These are the sort of people that are the bedrock of our society.

Girlguiding Annual Review2

Friday was the Warwick District Council Charity dinner at Guys Cliffe Hall, an amazing building going back to Saxon times. Saturday I received a bible on behalf of ATC from the Gideon’s society. The Gideons present perhaps 20 millions bibles per year. That is an increidble thing to do.

Gideons bible presentation2

Sunday was a High Bailiffs charity fund raising event at Rectory Gardens. To round off the week we agreed the accounts for the council for the past year. I am glad to say that the council is in a very healthy position and ready for the year to come. The budget is looking good in spite of many high cost expenses such as the Jubilee Centre. However, with no increase in the precept it will be a tough time and with the spending review just completed we are all faced with reduced funding.

As I mentioned a fairly typical week but none the less a very interesting one. Thursday sees the second half of the planning application for the land North of Alimore Lane. I hope to see you all at St. Benedict’s at 6:15 on Thursday the 27th.

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