27 March 2014

Mayors blog 35


Things are still moving on the Greig Hall front. This is good news. We cannot expect a swift resolution to this (although we would like one) but it is moving in the right direction.

I attended the Alcester Silver Band concert on Saturday at St. Nicholas with the new musical director Dan Price at the helm. What a marvellous evening. Such varied music. Interestingly the last few weeks have allowed me to visit a number of venues for charity concerts and the thing I always take away from them is the amazing talent out there – young and old! Spoken from the heart as a complete musical dunce, I am in awe of some of the pieces I hear. But talk about contrast. Saturday was a Silver band and Sunday an orchestra in Warwick. The common factor apart, from excellent music; they were both held in a church. I wonder why, is it great acoustics or the suitability of the venue? Dan has been involved with ASB for some years and although currently living ‘up North’ is committed to the town and its band. We wish him well and hope that ASB will come to the grand opening of the Greig Hall when it happens.

I am a great believer in fitness and health. Sadly a mayoral year has curtailed most of my exercise regime for the time being. Exercise is, as with most things, a matter of scale and you do what you can. However the benefits are well documented. This coming weekend a local charity is holding the ‘Run for your Mom’ down the High Street. This encourages kids (of all ages) to do a bit of running. Start them young could be a motto and the name of this charity is ‘Kids Run Free’. What a great name! Do come along and bring the kids! You never know they may be inspired. On a different scale, ATC are developing at Jubilee Fields a number of walks for people with health issues so that they can start walking and exercising on a prescribed route. This is done on conjunction with the town’s doctors and should benefit many people. Alongside this we have the Bee Friendly initiative that plants wild flower areas. Feedback so far is very positive. These things do not come along accidentally. It takes vision and a passion to make it succeed and we are very fortunate to have a number of councillors that have that drive to make our town a better place to live in. Forgive me for a moment but sometimes we do take things for granted. It is often only when we no longer have them we suddenly miss them. We are living in changing times. Budgets are being cut. We need to prioritise what we really need or want. I recommend that you all look up the public discussion document on the future of the fire service in Warwickshire. Link attached (just paste into your browser)



Have a great week.

Mark Cargill

Mayor of Alcester