28 May 2013

It was quite a week. On Thursday the councillors and many of the public attended the planning meeting at St Benedict’s school. This was to consider the application for the land North of Alimore lane where the developers had suggested 350 homes in two parts. ATC did not consider this scheme as sustainable and as a town were opposed to them both. We always thought it was too large and should have been considered as a single scheme. The first to be considered was the Northern site. Some very good arguments against this scheme were made and fortunately the members of the planning committee also saw it that way, rejecting it with 6 against, 1 for and 1 abstention. The Southerly scheme was deferred to a date to be agreed. We hope that this will suggest to the developers that the community is opposed to this scheme as promoted and that it be reconsidered as one scheme, not deliberately split in two. It also makes the neighbourhood plan even more important as this will enable Alcester to promote its own development. Watch this space.

What a great bank holiday weekend. Should we hope that the weather has started to improve? I attended the pram race on Sunday and helped to send all the whacky racers off on the pub run. A good laugh. I also attended the Shipston Wool Fair, and although not on then same scale as Alcester’s street market, this was a good day out. Keep watching this space for news on the deferred planning application.