28th November 2013

This week coming is going to be a big one as we are in the middle appeal for the outline Allimore lane planning application. As you know SDC are not contesting the application although are attending. The appeal is heard by an inspector appointed by the Secretary of State. He (in this case) has the powers to approve, reject or modify the planning application. Alcester Town Council and the residents groups are going it alone and did not wish to expose ourselves to costs. Therefore we are attending as ‘interested parties’ although we are presenting as councillors. The appellants have a team to support their application and a QC. As you can imagine they do not come cheaply and we, as a town council cannot afford one. However we are making the best case we can and so far I feel that we have done well. The next stage is of course the appellant’s case. What we are looking for is a significant contribution from the section 106 funds (monies from each new house to fund local infrastructure). However it is a battle to wrestle the monies from other organisations, not necessarily local, who have put in applications, some may say spurious. I feel that this is completely wrong as it is the town that needs the funds, not say Warwick. Watch this space.

Other things happening have been the Shipston civic service. I have always felt that Shipston is very similar to Alcester. I noted that, to my eye, the stained glass windows in the church were very similar to our own! Perhaps a job lot? Following on immediately from that was the Alcester Has Talent held at the Jubilee Centre. It was great to see so many youngsters on stage performing. Well done to them all and to the organisers of the Children’s Activities group (who are running regular events for children at the Jubilee Centre). Finally we attended the turning on of the Christmas lights. This was very well attended and of course there were a number if carols at strategic points where the lights were switched on. A really atmospheric event.

Have a great week.