30th July 2013

I suppose that it had to happen and it did – rain I mean. I know the gardens needed it but the hot weather is a real bonus after last year. I guess that means the grass will start to grow again now. Every silver lining has a cloud.

This is a bit of a quiet patch as far as the Council are concerned, as many people are on holiday making the best of the summer. The hard work never actually goes away though. Planning applications continue, sometimes I am sure because it is the summer. The next large application (after Alimore Lane) is the proposed Churchill retirement homes in The Priory. The planning meeting is on Tuesday the 30th at Globe House and all are welcome. Again this is important to the town and it needs to be given careful consideration. As always the Planning Committee enter these discussions with an open mind. However a fact of life is that we have an ageing demographic. People are living longer and often healthier lives but will still need homes to live in. The question is, what type of home?  A member of the public at the pre-application by Churchill made me think when he said that these sort of homes are perhaps more suitable for much older people than their target of 60+ as, in his words, “I want a shed”. The new, older generation (myself included), are much more active than perhaps previous generations and have hobbies. Times change and perhaps the type and style of home should reflect that.

Not too much else to report. Following on from the success of taking the Council surgery to Waitrose we are going to take it further afield later in the year (no, not to Studley). Please do come and see us and pass on your comments, concerns and even perhaps a word of encouragement for the work done. All the councillors are volunteers and do work hard for the town. Incidentally I would like a different name than surgery, which sounds a bit severe. I thought of ‘drop in session’ but perhaps you have a better name? Feedback to ‘mayor@alcester-tc.gov.uk’