31st October 2013

The weeks seem to be rushing by. This is the busy civic period with many events leading up to Christmas. All mayors and chairmen of councils have at least one fund raising event per term and the proceeds go to their favoured charities. Also there are many other local organisations doing the same fund raising. Needless to say I get invited to a number of them. It makes for a very interesting time because, as I mentioned previously, I am still amazed by all the volunteering that goes on and this is especially true over the Christmas period.

We also get invited to a number of civic services and again it is lovely to see all the different churches in the area.

The day job is getting busy. I probably do not need to elaborate too much on the Alimore Lane planning application however Alcester Town Council has, along with SDC and other interested parties withdrawn from section 106. Section 106 is a statutory instrument that allows interested parties to make official presentations at an appeal. The upside is that it guarantees you time to make your point. However there is always a risk that costs may be awarded against you. Since SDC withdrew we decided that even if the risk were small we would not expose the council and town to what may have been crippling costs. However we, along with the residents association, will be attending and making our presentations on all the matters we feel strongly about, not necessarily just the 4 originally proposed by SDC. This is obviously a setback but we will still have our opportunity to present our case and hope that the Inspector listens.