3rd April 2014

Mayor blog 36


Things are warming up in many ways. The weather is improving although the pollution (mainly from the continent I understand) is causing some issues. People with respiratory problems should take it easy for the next few days. But that gets us to exercise. Saturday saw ‘Run for your Mum’ in Alcester High Street. This was an event organised by the ‘Kids Run Free’ charity. It was great to see all the children and parents there and many smiling faces. It was also a good opportunity to win some flowers for their moms on Mother’s Day. There was a race for everyone including toddlers and even one for the Mayor and High Bailiff (fancy being beaten by a 7 year old!). Although designed to be fun, there is a serious side to events such as this. Martine, who organised the event excellently, is certainly very fit but would like to see all kids fit and healthy. Obesity is now an epidemic and in this we follow the USA. Sadly the UK is leading the rest of Europe for obesity. Simple things like exercise, healthy eating and care for your body will make a huge difference. The latest news now is that we should be eating 7 a day of fruit and vegetables instead of the 5 a day. Well, for many that may be difficult but 5 is certainly better than the less than 3 a day average for the UK population. The beneficial results are significant and compelling. Fruit and veg shops may have to stay open longer for the rush!


The High Bailiff and I opened a new shop in the High Street where Zig Zag formerly was. Camilla Jones is very experienced, making her own jewellery and offering a repairs service as well. The family moved down here from Huddersfield and felt Alcester was the perfect place to live. What else can I say! Also, no empty shops in the High Street again. Well done!


I am, as many are, looking forward to the Alcester Male Voice Choir concert at Symphony Hall on Saturday. Tickets are sold out and there are five coaches leaving from Alcester. I will report next week.


Finally there was some good feedback from the event on Saturday. The Court Leet were praised for their excellent organisation along with the Chamber of Trade and of course this is why Alcester is so good at event like this – the professional approach.


Have a good week.

Mark Cargill

Mayor of Alcester