4 March 2014

Mayor blog 32


There are two major items where things will be happening very soon (the sooner the better as far as I am concerned). The first concerns the Greig Centre. On the 10th March there is a Cabinet meeting at SDC where the fate of the centre will be decided. There are three options to be considered, of which the second involves a smooth transition of ownership from the trustees to SDC. This is the least disruptive alternative, especially to the remaining Lifestyles staff.  If everyone makes the right decision, and in this I include the trustees, then I hope there will be a handover in the not too distant future. I wish I could put an exact date on when this will happen. As you know ATC have been fighting for this outcome long before I became Mayor. The meeting agenda is available on the SDC website for the cabinet meeting and the potted history makes interesting reading. The Greig Hall received £950,000 public money in 2005 from SDC and ATC. In 2007 a further request for £180,000 was made to SDC but rejected. ATC made an offer to buy the hall in 2013 but this was rejected by the trustees. SDC took over negotiations in 2013 and are now bringing matters to a conclusion.


The second major item is the future of Globe House. Last week saw a meeting instigated by Mike Gittus (WCC councillor for Alcester) which brought together WCC representatives of Libraries, Museums and Building Services, Alcester Town Council and Alcester Museum. The proposition is to make Globe House a true community hub where we have access to all public services. So what is new? Surely this is what we already had? Well yes, the concept has not changed but circumstances have. Budget cuts are forcing us to consolidate. I feel that as a premier market town we should have all of the necessary services accessible here. This is where, by all working together for the town, we can hopefully bring about the right decisions for Alcester.


The Rotary Big Breakfast was held in the Town Hall on Saturday morning. Luckily we went early because by 10 am there were queues down the stairs! What a fantastic event and so well supported by the town. Well done to everyone involved. The proceeds will go to the extremely worthy cause of Dementia Care.


Finally I thought I would share this with you. A gentleman from Kings Coughton, Derek Spencer, who often walks into Alcester, regularly picks up litter on his way to and fro which he has carried out for a number of years. This act of citizenship on its own is laudable, but in addition he requested for a new litter bin to be installed for like-minded people to put their litter into outside the Methodist Church. The bin is now and place and a plaque will be going on the bin in recognition of his service to the town saying:



How marvellous.


Mark Cargill

Mayor of Alcester