Annual Parish Meeting 7 April 2015

Alcester Annual Parish Meeting agenda 7april2015

This year will be a new style of the Annual Parish Meeting, we have invited many of the organisations of Alcester to attend in the hope that we can start a fresh community partnership. Everyone will be given the chance to share their organisation’s aspirations for the future, including the Town Council, with a view that we can all work together with mutual benefits to all, and especially the residents of Alcester.

If you know of an organisation who would also like to attend please do let them know, we would hate for anyone to feel left out. It is also a great opportunity for the residents of Alcester to find out what is going on and perhaps discover a group or service they didn’t know existed.

The meeting starts at 7pm at the Jubilee Centre, Off St Faiths Road, and there will be time after the meeting for questions and a cup of tea. There are also presentation boards available if any of the organisations would like to display their information.

Invitation to organisations