8th October 2013

This has been an interesting week especially for the town of Alcester. On Thursday we attended the annual Court Leet election ceremony. John Mills relinquished the position of High Bailiff after an excellent year both in fundraising and also promoting the town of Alcester. Both John and I grew up together and it was with great pleasure I saw John elected to the high office. Steven Brown has taken over from John and we wish him well.

Sunday we visited Kenilworth for their Civic Service. This was an excellent ceremony and a number of local children performed musically. Yet again we were introduced to a number of voluntary organisations and a number of the civic heads commented on how in their year in office, they have been amazed by the dedication shown and that without such people this country we know and love would surely grind to a halt.

Following the service we attended the new High Bailiffs open house to welcome him to his new position.

Well, the weather has been excellent this weekend considering that we are now into October. Quite a bonus and naturally we spent as much time as possible in the garden. I am sure that this cannot last forever and in some ways I am looking forward to winter. If nothing else, considering the variability of our climate, you do not need to think so much about what clothes to wear!

Have an excellent week.