Supporting documents

Local Green Space Site Assessments (for Pre-submission version of the NDP) 

LGS 1  Westbury Park

LGS 2_River Arrow Nature Reserve

LGS 3_Abbey Field

LGS 4_Priory Meadow

LGS 5_Jubilee Fields

LGS 6 Oversley Wood

LGS 7_Kinwarton Park

LGS 8_Crooks Lane Play Area

LGS 9_Bleachfield St Play Area

LGS 10_Collins Way Play Area

LGS 11_Moorfields Park

LGS 12_Gas House Lane Rec Ground

LGS 13_Cemetery

LGS 14_Fairwater Crescent

LGS 15 Allotment Bleachfield St North

LGS 16 Allotment Bleachfield St South

LGS 17_Allotment_Allimore Lane – description subsequently revised- please see below

LGS 18_Allotment School Road

LGS 19_Amenity Land W of Birmingham Rd

Following Regulation 14 Public Consultation, LGS 6 Oversley Wood has been omitted from the Submission version and the LGSs renumbered accordingly.

LGS 17 Allotment Allimore Lane- revised

Stratford-on-Avon District Core Strategy

Alcester Conservation Character Appraisal

Other documents

Primary school places in the Alcester area August 2018

Alcester Conservation Area broadsheet

Alcester Tech Concept slides_Warks Observatory

ATC  bee friendly town strategy

Alcester Town Plan 2007

Alcester Ecological Report Aug 2018

University of Birmingham research paper- Flood Study 2007-2013

Strategic Environmental Assessment screening – SDC conclusion

Strategic Environmental Assessment and HRA Screening report


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