Councillor Eric Payne

I have lived in Alcester all my life, born in Bleachfield Street, the third of seven children, and educated at St Faiths School. I’ve moved around Alcester over the years having lived in Alauna Avenue, Cross Road, School Road and our present home in Sherwell Drive.
I’m married to Maggie who is also an Alcestrian, being born in Ten Acres. We have two children: Nicholas and Charlotte.
I spent most of my working life working in Local Light Industry and Food Distribution. I have been employed as a Production Operator and have held several managerial positions.
I have served Alcester as a Town Councillor for over sixteen years, have been Town Mayor on two occasions and currently a member of the Community Facilities and Communication Committees.
Maggie and I work together tirelessly for Alcester in Bloom. Alcester has won numerous awards including the national title of Best Kept Small Town.
I am passionate about the future Healthcare Facilities in Alcester and is part of the Healthcare Task Force which was established to ensure the town and the surrounding area gets new Healthcare Facilities fit for the 21st century. I am also a member of the Flood Task Force which is working hard to alleviate the problems of flooding within the town.
In 2007 I was first elected to serve on Stratford District Council as an Alcester Ward Member, and was re-elected in 2015. Since being elected to Stratford District Council I retired from business so that I can concentrate all my efforts in working for the residents of Alcester.

Contact Eric on: 01789 762577