Exciting times ahead for your local Town Council!

Alcester Crest featureFrom October Alcester Town Council will be holding their full Council meetings at the Jubilee Centre, off St Faiths Road on the first Tuesday of every month. The change in location is part of future changes to services and creation of a Community hub at Globe House in Priory Road.
As always the public are invited and indeed encouraged to attend the Council meetings, doors will open at 6:45pm for a 7pm prompt start to the meeting. There will also be plenty of parking at the Jubilee Centre and by the end of October the car park will have been resurfaced, funded by fundraising events organised by the hard work of the Jubilee Committee.
The Town Council Offices will continue to be at Globe House, but plans are to also house the Library and District and County Council Access points making a one-stop information hub for the parish and wider community. In the Autumn Newsletter we asked residents to get in touch with how they would like to communicate with the Town Council and I would urge you to do so if you haven’t already so we know how and when you wish to see Councillors or Council Clerks.
At the moment the Town Council have three Committees, formed to address specific needs and actions within the Town, and their meeting dates will also be changing in October. The Community Committee, which covers issues such as health and wellbeing, communication and community facilities, will also be moving their meetings to the Jubilee Centre on the second Tuesday in the month at 7pm. The REOS (Recreation, Environment and Open Spaces) Committee will continue to hold their meetings at Globe House in the Council Board room on the first floor, on the third Tuesday of every other month at 7pm. The Planning Committee, which consider a response on behalf of the community to all Planning applications for the parish as well as more strategic planning issues such as the writing of the Alcester Neighbourhood Plan, will also hold their meetings in the Council board room at Globe House, every other Monday at 7pm. Agenda’s for all the meetings can be found online on the Council website (www.alcester-tc.gov.uk) or on the public noticeboards in the town from the Thursday before each meeting.
We also will be introducing Community Forum meetings where outside organisations will be invited to speak to the Council and public about issues affecting the town, please get in touch if you think there is an issue we could include in these.
Chris Wright
Town Clerk
Alcester Town Council