Many thanks to those residents who completed the 2017 questionnaire .

The draft Neighbourhood Plan has been written and there will be plenty of consultation with the residents of Alcester to ensure that this plan reflects the feelings of the community of Alcester, as well as the diversity, character and inclusivity of the area.

Members of the community, both in Alcester and the surrounding areas will have the opportunity to meet with the Steering Group to discuss the draft Neighbourhood Plan and put forward their thoughts. Civic dignitaries, heads of the societies and representatives from local businesses involved in the Town, will also be involved in consultation process.

Alcester Neighbourhood Development Plan- Public Consultation- 29 September- Launch event for the six week consultation period. Come along and let us know your views about this important local planning policy document for Alcester. Once adopted the Neighbourhood Development Plan will assist in determining planning applications here in Alcester. Tea and coffee available.


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