The Greig Hall

In January 2018 the Town Council set up the Greig Working Group (GWG) with the aim of taking over the Hannah Susan Greig Memorial Hall.

To find out more about this exciting project for the town please go to the dedicated Greig Hall website

At 31 August 2021 the GWG comprises:


Mark Cargill- Chair

Gill Forman

Kathryn Cargill (Mayor)

Professor Clive Neal-Sturgess

Mike Bowe

Co-opted members:

Sheilagh Goode (Friends of the Greig Hall)

Andrew Matheson (Friends of the Greig Hall)

Susan Juned (District Councillor)

ToR The Greig Working Group Nov 2020

26 April 2021- Press Release– Alcester Town Council is delighted to announce that it has completed a lease of The Greig Hall.

Greig Working Group Minutes

GWG Minutes 10 SEPT 21

GWG Minutes 27 AUG 21

GWG Minutes 13 AUG 21

GWG Minutes 29 JUL 21

GWG Minutes 16 JUN 21

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