The Greig Working Group

In response to Stratford District Council’s decision at Cabinet on 27th November 2017, to terminate the leisure agreement with the Greig Trustees, Alcester Town Council resolved to form a working group to discuss future options for the Greig Site.

At the Town Council meeting on 9th January 2018, the formation of the Greig Working Group (GWG) was approved.

The following Town Councillors were appointed to the GWG:

Cllr Yvette Morrison (former Mayor) Cllr Andrew Foster (current Mayor) Cllr Mike Gittus, Cllr Mark Cargill, Cllr Jim Kenyon, Cllr Clive Neal-Sturgess and Cllr Eric Payne.

Please see below for the terms of reference for the GWG:

ATC ToR The Greig Working Group

Statement from Alcester Town Council re The Greig 4 July 2018

Press statement from Alcester Town Council dated 18th January 2018

The Greig Centre has been approved by Stratford on Avon District Council as an Asset of Community Value and appears on their list.

Nominations for community assets can be made by Parish Councils or by defined groups with a connection with the community. Individuals cannot nominate community assets. If the nomination is accepted, the group will be given time to come up with a bid for the asset when it is sold. The bid may not necessarily be successful.

The Greig Centre- Asset of Community Value

The Greig Centre- Plan- Asset of Community Value