Health and Wellbeing


 Suzette Wright

Suzette (left) and Wendy (right) work for Alcester Town Council with people over 55 in the town. The purpose of their role is to help people remain independent, active, to reduce social isolation and loneliness, and help increase  social integration.

Background to the role

In 2013 Warwickshire County Council formed the Health and Wellbeing Board, as did the whole country, as directed by the government. Alcester has declared itself a Health and Wellbeing town and started a Board, where it not only promotes the good work of the NHS and Social Services but also seeks the help and support of our voluntary groups. The prospect of more than 180% of over 85’s in the next 20 years is daunting!

Knowing this, the Town Council obtained funding from Warwickshire County Council to employ two part-time Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinators. The role involves looking at the Town Council and County Council’s aspirations to reduce loneliness, social exclusion, lack of independence and improve resilience for the older generation of Alcester. Both Suzette and Wendy will be researching and visiting the majority of voluntary clubs in the town, to receive feedback from the members as to where it is felt improvements can be made. Feedback will be used to either further develop existing groups or initiating new ones with your help. They will also be signposting vulnerable people, who are unaware of the fantastic opportunities already available, to improve numbers in the groups, achieving the best outcome for all, a sense of good wellbeing by becoming part of a social activity which, in turn, improves health.

For further information please contact:

Suzette by  or by phone: 01789 766084  Mobile: 07484 082030

Wendy by email: or by phone: 01789 766084 Mobile: 07483 149732

Elderberries Community Group meets every Wednesday from 11am – 3.30pm at Jubilee Court Community Room, for over 55’s in Alcester. It offers enjoyable and varied activities, a 2 course home cooked lunch, morning coffee and afternoon tea.  Cost is £3.00 including lunch!

Elderberries 2018-  Yoga sessions continue.

Computer drop-in sessions  (Bee On-line) are on Wednesdays from 10am- 12pm at Alcester Unionist Club 46 High Street Alcester B49 5AB. Contact Suzette or Wendy for further information.

Warwickshire County Council & Making Space (Health & Social Care Services) are looking for parents to Make a Difference… are you able to help?

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