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Online resources

Planning– Government guidance- Making an application. Useful overview and explanation of process, types of application and requirements.

National level policies

National Planning Policy Framework (December 2023)

SDC Planning Policy

Stratford-on-Avon District Core Strategy 2011 – 2031 – July 2016

Development Requirements Supplementary Planning Document– Final composite version- July 2020- includes info on advertising/signage and parking

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) (2020) and Update (2021)

SHLAA Schedules and Maps: Alcester- Harbury (2021)

SDC Planning applications and advice

Application process

User guide for householder development (April 2019). A guide for residential extensions.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) (2017) Charging Schedule (2019), User Guide (2021) & Spending arangements for CIL (February 2018)

SDC- A practical guide to obtaining a street name(s), property numbering and postcodes for a new development

Street Trading Policy (2009) includes guidance on charitable collections.

Guidance for displaying promotional posters and other material

Trees in Conservation Areas All species of trees located within a Conservation Area with a stem diameter of 75mm and over, when measured at 1.5metres above ground level are protected.

Protected Trees

Alcester and planning

Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

Made version of the Alcester Neighbourhood Development Plan– adopted by SDC on 12 July 2021

Alcester NDP Summary of policies October 2023

Alcester Neighbourhood Plan Area Map  (September 2013)

How to implement, monitor and review your made neighbourhood plan (Locality, 2019)

Conservation Area

Alcester Conservation Area Map

Alcester Conservation Area broadsheet

Alcester Conservation Area Character Appraisal (pages 1 – 37) (September 2008)

Alcester Conservation Area Character Appraisal (pages 38 – 135) (September 2008)

Other maps 

Listed buildings- Alcester NDP Heritage assets Map 4- town centre and Map 5- Alcester parish 

Alcester Roman Town- map (Listed with Historic England 1964)


Alcester Landscape Sensitivity Study – 2011

Alcester Market Town Destination Benchmarking Survey 2017

WRCC Housing Needs Survey for Alcester Town Council – 2023

South Warwickshire Local Plan – Publication of information- December 2021
A full list of Call for Sites submissions has been published.
Further info for each of the sites is available on the interactive map
Alcester Town Council internal guidance notes/docs 

Planning Committee- Protocol for responding to planning responses by email meeting

Listed buildings- Briefing note March 2020

Useful general information 

Building for a Healthy Life  (2020) A design toolkit for neighbourhoods, streets, homes and public spaces

Class-Q Agricultural buildings to dwellinghouses- guidance 2021

Environment Agency Flood Map for Planning

Guidance on Designated Public Place Orders (DPPOs): For Local Authorities in England and Wales (2009)

Historic England- National Heritage List for England Search the List

New use classes and Permitted development rights CMS Law Now Article (April 2020)

Planning Portal- Outbuildings

Government guidance- Outdoor advertisements and signs: A guide for advertisers

Government guidance- Permitted development for householders- Technical Guidance

Planning Portal- Lawful Development Certificates

Probity in Planning 04 (2019)

Site Layout Planning for Daylight and sunlight- A guide to good practice (2011)

Legislative framework for various aspects of planning (