A Councillor is elected, or in the event of no election being held nominated for election, by electors in a ward within the parish of Alcester. There are three wards in the parish and the prime duty is to represent and engage with the electors of their respective ward so that their views are voiced both with the council and through the council with their partners Stratford on Avon District Council, Warwickshire County Council and other organisations such as the emergency services.
A councillor must attend every full council meeting or send an apology with reasons for absence to be approved by the council. Failure to attend for six consecutive meetings without approved apologies would mean the automatic removal from office.
A councillor must use their own discretion and knowledge when called on to vote on resolutions and motions during council meetings and committee meetings. This is particularly necessary when voting on money issues, both for setting the precept and spending the public money they are in control of.
An Alcester Town Councillor can also be a member of one of the four Committees as well as champion issues on behalf of the committee and council.

Alcester Town Council Committee Membership

Alcester Town Council- Representation on external bodies

Alcester Town Councillors- Disclosable Pecuniary Interests


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