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The Greig Hall- November 2020

The Greig Hall Working Group was established in November 2020 to bring this iconic building back into public use. It had been derelict for over ten years.

Press release October 2020

Press release April 2021

Video- Clearing out the Greig Hall May 2021

Video- Inside the Greig Hall May 2021

After a huge collaborative effort by councillors, Friends of the Greig Hall and volunteers as well as fund raising, the Hall was handed over to the Trustees in February 2023. An amazing achievement.

Progress was charted through the website, Town Council newsletters, videos on YouTube, social media and press releases.

As a registered charity the mission of The Greig now is to provide a creative hub for the local area, providing quality opportunities for businesses, families and social organisations.  The Greig is now offering a dynamic programme of live events including music, theatre, dance, arts, special events and fairs as well as a space for family celebrations and community groups to build a home of their own.

The Greig Hall aims to provide a high quality, professional service and provision to enable everyone in the community and beyond to experience a successful and enjoyable time while visiting or using the centre.