Full Council

Alcester Town Council meets as a full council once a month to discuss topical issues relating to its duties, powers, responsibilities and issues raised by the community.
It also meets once a year, at its Annual Meeting, to elect the Mayor and Deputy Mayor and then, once normal proceedings have been resumed, confirm the members of each of the five council committees and Town Council representatives on external bodies.
Amongst it’s duties are the provision of allotments, it has four spaces of land with over 130 allotments, and as the burial authority in the Town the maintenance and provision of a cemetery for the community of Alcester.
Amongst its powers, it owns or leases land for the use of recreation fields and play areas and maintains and clears them for use by the community. It also provides and maintains a number of footpaths, benches, litter bins, dog litter bins and signs.
It works with its partners, Stratford on Avon District Council and Warwickshire County Council, to provide support for the services they provide with information on problems reported by the community. Similarly it works with and supports other partners such as the emergency services and NHS to help them to discharge their responsibilities effectively by engaging with the community both with them or on their behalf.

The Annual Reports and the Terms of Reference for 2017-18 and 2018-19 for each Committee can be found on the individual Committee web pages. The Annual Report for the Town Council 2019-20 can currently be found on the Home page.