Draft Neighbourhood Plan

January 2014: Stratford-on-Avon District Council Cabinet approved the Designated Neighbourhood Plan Area, as was submitted by Alcester Town Council last June. This was the first formal hurdle towards the creation of the plan to identify the area that the policies written in the plan will relate to. The Desiganted Area is the whole of the Parish of Alcester, which was the maximum area the plan could cover, based on the recent boundary review whilch was published in 2013 but does not come into full effect until 2015. Although we cannot publish the Alcester Neighbourhood Plan until the District Core Strategy is in place. The newly formed Stratetic Planning Committee of Alcester Town Council will be writing a draft Plan in line with the Strategic objectives of the Stratford-on-Avon District Council’s emerging Draft Core Strategy, the residents of Alcester will then be consulted on this draft plan. This draft, once adopted by Alcester Town Council will provide some security with local evidence and that there are better locations for sustainable future development within the Town in case Stratford make any changes to their Core Strategy.

New Organisation

The Steering Group have met, which is made up of the Mayor, who will chair the group, Mark Cargill, the Deputy Mayor, Yvonne Hine, Councillors Clive Neal-Sturgess and Chris Brannigan, who will co-ordinate between the different group, Councillor Yvette Morrison, who will be head of Communication, Councillor Julie Styles, who will Project Manager and a member of the consultation groups who is yet to be appointed.

An initial timescale has been drawn up and it was decided to include an Advisory Group of civic dignitaries and heads of societies/businesses in the Town as well as the Community Forum for consultation.

Look out for a logo Competition which will be running in Schools in the new term!